About Us

About Us

Global Baptist Gospel Projects Missions, Inc.—also known simply as Global Baptist Missions—is an outgrowth of the ministry of the Twentieth Century Scottish evangelist James Alexander Stewart.

As a young lad James Stewart was an avid and excellent football (soccer) player with hopes of one day playing for a professional team. Fittingly, James was on a football field when he was converted to Christ at 14-years of age. Immediately he began testifying of the Lord Jesus Christ in his neighborhood, mission halls, and in church buildings. After eight or nine years of laboring in open air meetings, tent meetings, and church meetings in the United Kingdom, he felt God leading him to the mission fields of Europe (see Revival Literature books, I Must Tell and James Stewart Missionary).

In 1939 young Stewart was evangelizing in Hungary when he met and married Ruth Mahan, a Baptist missionary from the United States who had been sent in 1938 to Hungary to lead a training school for women.

Later at the Keswick Convention in England, Stewart presented his spiritual burden for Europe as a mission field. To accomplish this task he founded the European Evangelistic Crusade. After directing the mission for about ten years, he made his first trip to the United States. While in the States, he established a US branch of the EEC.

In 1945 Dr. Stewart had started Revival Literature. Subsequently he and his wife Ruth wrote and published more than 40 titles on the subjects of revival, evangelism, and the Holy Spirit, plus mini-commentaries for national pastors on many mission fields of the world.

When Dr. Stewart’s health began to decline, he could no longer bear the burden of directing a large multinational mission. He left the EEC and established a smaller ministry that was first called the James and Ruth Stewart Evangelistic Society, which later became Gospel Projects. In 1975 the Lord was pleased to take James Stewart home.

Following the death of Dr. Stewart, his son-in-law, Bob Doom, became director of Gospel Projects. In 1982 the name of the mission was expanded to Global Baptist Gospel Projects, Inc. GBGPMI labors with missionaries in church planting among Native Americans and among Spanish speaking people in the USA, in Mexico and Peru, and among French speakers in Canada.

Under Global Bible Society, another ministry of GBGPMI, parallel New Testaments and partial Old Testaments in English and Cherokee have been published. Additionally, Global Baptist Society has published in both Cherokee and Choctaw languages, hymnals with musical notation. Global Bible Society was recently gifted more than 57 American Indian Scriptures—Bibles, New Testaments and Scripture portions—to make available to tribes across the USA.